The Power of Magnets

Patented Technology Produces Intense Heat Without Flames or Liquids

Dr. Joel Jorgenson Phd, President

Precision Equipment Manufacturing, maker of MagFan flameless heaters

Keeping moisture-rich well heads from freezing in cold climates is a tough enough battle as it is. Now try introducing additional moisture from propane, dealing with the maintenance headaches of liquid heat transfer agents or worrying about the unsafe conditions presented by using flames and you have a recipe for a long, stressful and expensive winter.

A new technology that uses magnets instead of flames or liquids recently hit the market and allows oil and construction companies to produce 2,000 – 8,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of clean, dry heat using magnets and a direct-drive CAT diesel engine that burns as little as two gallons per hour. The minimum-maintenance industrial heaters are fully automatic and can be monitored and controlled remotely through a secure cellular connection.

MagFan heaters are unlike any other heater on the market. The simplicity of this patented technology results in the easiest-to-operate and most reliable heater available. And the per-hour cost to operate is lower than anything else on the market.

Picture trying to push two magnets together when the opposing forces are facing each other. As you push the magnets closer, the force gets stronger.  MagFan heaters use this concept on a larger scale by moving aluminum arms past powerful magnets and creating heat, which is then blown out of the unit by an axial-flow fan. As the speed of the spinning aluminum arms is increased or decreased, the heat generated is controlled proportionately.

The result is super-heated air coming out of the trailer-mounted MagFan, while the interior of the heater remains relatively cool. Magnets don’t wear out, leak, make loud noises or pollute and since MagFan heaters don’t use flames or liquids and have very few moving parts, maintenance is limited to the lubrication of three easily accessible grease points and oil changes every 500 – 1,000 hours. Scheduled maintenance can be performed in about twenty minutes, meaning the area being heated barely has time to cool down, even in sub-zero temperatures.

MagFan heaters also feature an optional cellular-connected Netbiter system that allows the heater to be monitored and controlled from any location. Output temperature is measured by an onboard temperature probe and site temperatures can be monitored remotely with external temperature probes. When combined with engine performance data, the system has the information it needs for automated control and will notify users if performance isn’t ideal. Users can remotely login to the web-based portal to view real-time performance or use a number of analytics tools to analyze past use and GPS-tracked locations.

When combined with the safety of flameless heat, the ability to monitor and control MagFan heaters remotely is a game changer. Businesses don’t need onsite personnel once the heater is running and rental companies can keep tabs on what their customers are doing with rented equipment.

Precision Equipment Manufacturing is rapidly expanding its MagFan distribution network and is actively seeking new dealers. The ability to sell flameless, non-liquid heat that comes from a fully-automated, minimum-maintenance and trailer-mounted platform gives MagFan dealers a significant advantage over their competition and the ability to promote an exciting new technology that will draw attention to their businesses.

We’re not only providing companies with consistently safe, reliable and dry heat, we’re also giving them access to data that will ensure they are operating at peak efficiency even when there aren’t personnel on site. The powerful combination of magnets and technology is incredible!

Precision Equipment Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of flameless heaters and trailers for the construction, oil & gas, agriculture and rental industries. The company’s line of patented MagFan heaters use magnets and an axial-flow fan to generate a 200-degree temperature rise heat at up to 8,000 cubic feet per minute, without spark, flames, friction or liquids. Precision Equipment Manufacturing also produces side dump, belly dump, end dump, step deck and truss trailers. For more information, visit www.precisionequipmfg.com or call (844) 387-1151.

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