Mag Fan Series

Mag Fan XE150 Flameless Heater

Mag Fan XE150

The XE150 series is a clean, environmentally friendly portable heating device.  This series is an economical heating solution that generates high volumes of humidity-free, low emissions heat for almost any large area.

With the use of hydronic heat technology, XE150 quickly produces a tremendous amount of fast dry heat, without the use of spark, friction or flame.  A safer alternative to an incineration device attached to a boiler, this flameless heater’s efficiency rating is over 90 percent in many environments and weather conditions.  This high efficiency lowers the cost per BTU, resulting in an overall reduced cost of operation.

This heater’s digital controller allows for ease of operation and monitoring.  With the use of accessories it can easily be configured for ground thawing, concrete curing and air heat, allowing the XE150 to apply the precise amount of heat in exactly the right area.

Areas of Application

ground thawing

Use for fast, effective ground thawing that keeps you working all winter.  Helps you deliver projects on time and below budget.

concrete curing

Use to cure concrete during cold weather without the need for building and heating enclosures.

air heat and drying

Use the remote heat exchangers to provide heat precisely where it is needed for both heating and drying applications.  Multiple remote unites can be operate simultaneously.

tank thaw and frozen pipe protection

Use to provide heat precisely where it is needed to protect equipment in the most extreme cold climate conditions.
Heat Output 1.5 Mil BTU
Temperature Rise 140 - 180 °F
Estimated Run Time 24 hours
Fuel Consumption US Gallons 10.0 GPH Max
Efficiency 95%+
Electrical Requirement 12 volt
Output Ports
Remote Thermostat Available
Hose Reel Capacity 1250'
Output 4
Return 4
Telematics Available
Engine CAT 6.6L
Coolant Exchanger Water to Water
Crank Case Vent Filter NA
Electronics Murphy
Exhaust Exchanger Air to Air
Fuel Tank Cap. US Gallons 250
Fuel Type Diesel
Alternator Wagner brushless
Technical Data
Dimensions (L x W x H) 182" x 90.5" x 85"
Ground Clearance 11"
Shipping Length 11' 11"
Dry Weight 8500 lbs
Fuel Capacity 250 US Gallons
Safety Protection
Emergency Stop Standard
Liquid Containment Secondary Standard
Low Coolant Standard
Low Fuel Standard
Monitoring Beacon Standard
Over Heat Protection Standard
Over Speed Shut Down Standard
Positive Air Shut Down Standard
Hitch Pintle or Ball
Lifting Crane Eyes 4
Forklift Pockets 2
Monitoring Beacon Standard
Emergency Stop Button Standard
Liquid Containment (Secondary) Standard
Axle Torsion Dual
Electric Brakes Standard


Mag Fan XE150 Flameless Heater
Mag Fan XE150